Jansatta Newspaper Display Advertisement Rate Card (2018)
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Edition Circulation B/W
Delhi Rs. 585 / sqcm
Chandigarh Rs. 295 / sqcm
Kolkata Rs. 320 / sqcm
Lucknow Rs. 295 / sqcm

Recently Asked Questions


How are Jansatta Display ads priced?


To book a display ad in Jansatta and/or any of its supplements, follow these steps:


•    Take a glance at the section to the top right of the page where you will find the various supplements of Jansatta, including Jansatta Classified. You can book display ads in all those supplements except Jansatta Classified. Choose the appropriate supplement and proceed to the next step.

•    Choose which edition you would like to place your ads in & proceed to selecting the ad dimensions & uploading your ad material. Bear in mind that different supplements come in different sizes.

•    Choose advertising dates & clear payment.


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