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About Jansatta




Jansatta is a leading Hindi daily belonging to the Indian Express Group. Established in 1983, today it is published from Delhi and Kolkata.



The Indian Express Group was known for its proximity to Jayaprakash Narayan, fondly known as JP. Jansatta was founded by Ram Nath Goenka, the owner of Indian Express Group and himself a devotee of JP, with the help of two of JP's admirers and associates, Prabhash Joshi who had been with the Indian Express Group in various capacities and Satish Jha, who was a young assistant editor and had worked with JP in the early 70s.

It was started on Nov 16, 1983 and was one of the first newspapers in India to attain a circulation of 100,000 copies per day in six months. Very soon it became known for its bold journalism, diverse views that normally stood up to the state and big businesses and a Hindi language that was no longer translated out of the resports of the English wireline agency copies. Besides Prabhash Joshi and Satish Jha, Banwari, Harishankar Vyas, Om Thanvi, Rahul Dev, Achutanand Mishra, Shyam Acharya, Manglesh Dabral and Ram Bahadur Rai, among several other star performers, contributed to building it as a bold and innovative Hindi newspaper that resonated with people across north, central and east India. In many ways it laid the foundation of the new respectability that Hindi journalism achieved in the years that followed and culminated in Hindi newspapers selling multi-million copies daily.



The newspaper is published from Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Lucknow. It has a good readership base in the Hindi-speaking belt of Northern and Eastern India. Jansatta is one of the few Hindi dailies which is known for its national perspective. However, the newspaper is available only through print version and therefore out of reach in non-Hindi speaking Indian states and outside India.

In Hindi, 'jan' means people and 'satta' means government. Therefore, one can appropriately recognize the meaning of 'Jansatta' as people's mandate. The newspaper is known for its sincere and courageous journalism.



The four pages Sunday's special magazine of Jansatta is called 'Ravivari Jansatta'. The newspaper also publishes an annual journal around Diwali or New Year which is dedicated to Indian literature, cultural & environmental issues, and reviews on important events of the year.


Reach out & Growth of Advertising

Though reach of Jansatta is limited but the brand name of The Indian Express Group gives it somewhat mileage with still a large amount of untapped potential of the newspaper. The major reach out is yet to achieved though it has around 25000 readers but it can go even further



It really lags behind in competition & the major competitors are of course SANMARG,ROZANA HIND etc